Ingar Figenschau in Norwegian Archaeological Review

Ph.D-candidate Ingar Figenschau has written an article for Norwegian Archaeological Review entitled “The Heritage of War and the Discourse of Sustainability”. In the article Figenschau critically questions the idea of sustainability as it is brought to bear on WWII-heritage in northern Norway. The idea of sustainability, Figenschau claims, is “increasingly sustained by an associated vocabulary of concepts that promote cultural heritage sites as economically and socio-politically beneficial, emphasising their value as resources for us. This paper explores what happens when this conceptual repertoire of resource thinking is applied to WWII Wehrmacht sites in northern Norway, a heritage that previously has been othered and excluded. How does it impact on the understanding of this particular heritage and how may it be challenged and transformed through encounters with an unruly heritage that potentially defies and distances such conceptualisation?”


The article is available for download here:


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