Past Presences workshop in Oslo


The research project After Discourse: Things, Archaeology, Heritage in the 21st century (2016-2017) led by Bjørnar Olsen at Center for Advanced Studies in Oslo aims to study the materiality of memory, the affective aspects of material encounters as well as the ethics of things. In December (9th and 10th) a workshop entitled “Past Presences: or, how to study the past in the age of presentism?”, will be organized by Laurent Olivier and Marek Tamm at CAS. This particular workshop is intended to address the first subchapter of the After Discourse project, namely the materiality of memory. The workshop will present papers from members of the Object Matters and takes place in the Turret Room on the top floor of CAS/Det Norske Videnskapsakademi at Skarpsno.

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